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Executive Jobs >> Executive Articles >> Exec Career Feature >> Working Your Way up the Sales Ladders
  • Exec Career Feature

Working Your Way up the Sales Ladders

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Climbing up the sales ladders needs hard work, a good amount of perseverance, and a lot of creativity. In this time of recession, the sales industry needs to work doubly hard for their income, and when it comes to results, people can expect more earnings than just their base pay. Incentives, bonuses, commissions, and travel opportunities are the perks and benefits one can expect from selling.

Going for advancement through the sales ladders work, companies have varying opportunities to offer such as promotions to senior level positions, more earnings, higher commissions, and better incentives, depending on the industry, location, size of the company, and actual output of the persons who would like to pursue better or more lucrative positions up the sales ladders job.

Building up one's resume and climbing up the sales ladders career are possible in almost every industry where sales jobs can be found. Sales cut across various industries, sectors, products, service, and merchandize where opportunities abound. Selling can be found in advertising companies, the marketing sector, the academe, business, the media, pharmaceuticals, the automobile industry, public relations, and so many more. Generally, each of these use sales, marketing, and advertising to make their products, service, or merchandize known and accepted by a specific market or the general public. So this means that going up the sales ladders employment may vary with every sector or industry, but the expectations are nevertheless anchored on the same basic need, which is to sell.

Sales ladders lead the way to career advancements and executive positions such as senior sales executives, senior account executives, regional sales executives, national sales executives, business development executives, senior market sales executives, even up to the vice-president for sales division positions. Of course, the accounts will vary by company, sector, or industry, as well as the sales strategies, market targets, resources used, and quotas or expected outputs.

Working their way up through the sales ladders job, one has to have a bachelor's degree. While there are no specific requirements expected by most companies in entry-level positions for sales, having a degree in business, advertising, marketing, or accounting is an advantage. While advancing through the sales ladders career will be easier with several years of sales experience and a master's degree in business administration or marketing. Most people who have spent several years selling products, service, or merchandize have earned their executive positions because of their acquired skills necessary in meeting their sales goals always.

Good communication skills, marketing savvy, flexibility, creativity, good networking skills, and of course, hard work are necessary ingredients in successfully climbing up the sales ladders. While these are important for entry-level sales positions, these are the same things that will work well for people who will be holding sales executive positions later on in their career, along with the ability to handle a good sales team, identifying good sales conditions, and the talent to create more markets for sales targeting and market expansions.

In this time of recession, many companies are cutting costs, people are getting laid off from work, and sales are often down. Sales people should not only strive to work better and faster, but also aim for climbing up sales ladders work to earn better and have more assurance with their jobs. Those who have lost their jobs in other industries are finding work in sales for various services and products because businesses need to scale up and sell more to sustain themselves. These can be seen as opportunities for people who are new in selling but are looking for security with their jobs, and more importantly, for the advancement of their career.

The key is in enhancing one's skills and working hard to be good at it. Some people may not notice it, but in trying to do something like applying for a job, learning a new skill, explaining an idea, teaching, negotiating for a loan, taking an exam, making a compromise on a project or contract, and many other things--there is a degree of selling involved. So work on those skills and experience, and then climb up the sales ladder.

Start your sales ladders employment by finding that great executive sales job on a good website like where thousands of job listings are available by location, position, qualifications, and other options. Finding that dream job at is more convenient, quicker, and easier because of the options made for all job hunters and people who wish to move up higher in their career. The recession may pull down your job hunting chances, but will deliver better opportunities and let you climb the sales ladders work the easier way. So sign up now for a FREE one-day trial!

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